The process starts over the phone or in person -- a brief chat to get an idea where you are, and where you want to be.  Are you happy with the general footprint and looking for something of a facelift or, are you looking for a complete makeover? 

During our initial consultation I gather your ideas. Is this space primarily visual, or for entertaining? This gives me a better idea of what your needs are. Considerations also include the length of time you intend to stay in your home, and maximizing your investment. The design process flows most easily when we address the functional aspects of your space first; style and design will follow.

Once we have a clear general direction, we address the most-effective options  for making the project a reality. With the plan in place, work begins on transforming your space.

Unlike home construction, the garden is a living entity.  I select the best plants and materials for your project.   My years of experience provide insight into the subtleties involved with choosing the best materials available.  

After the installation, you are free to enjoy your newly designed space. Once installed, a maintenance approach that best suits your needs can be developed to ensure a lifetime of landscape luxury. 

Terry Mulrooney

San Francisco Landscape Design

Phone: (415) 305-33820

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