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Terry Mulrooney San Francisco landscape garden designer at work.

Terry Mulrooney is a San Francisco landscape designer, a gardener, and a landscaper on all levels. He has lived, worked, and studied in Africa, Asia, and Europe. He spent his younger years in the Northeast. He was an understudy of two prominent designers by age 16. At 18 years of age, he registered Admiral Green Landscaping, a contracting business which he successfully operated for over 30 years. He studied horticulture in the Midwest at the University of Minnesota, and apprenticed with a master landscape architect in Kyoto, Japan. After a quarter century of beautifying Northern California, he narrowed his focus to the design and development of the urban residential landscapes of San Francisco.

Designing and developing urban residential landscapes is what Terry Mulrooney does best. It is no surprise that this has attracted the attention of TV networks such as DIY, HGTV, and TLC, and numerous publications, including Sunset Magazine's "Best Of" issue.


Landscape garden design requires extensive knowledge of the local environment, and the efficient use of space.  Terry has the ability to confidently create anything from the simple to the elaborate, while working with the best craftsman and materials.

Terry Mulrooney San Francisco landscape garden designer on television.
Terry Mulrooney San Francisco landscape garden designer on a boat in the Philippines.

Terry has circled the globe and has had the good fortune to visit every state in the nation.  He is an active outdoorsman. Ideas derived from nature and his travels are well applied to the landscapes in San Francisco. He’s bilingual English/Spanish. Terry enjoys inspiring others, not only through his work, but also in speaking at schools. Popular in France, he regularly hosts understudies from an elite French landscape school ITIAPE/ISA (

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